Saturday, October 28, 2006

Photosynthesis and the Cellular respiration

Well I am currently revisiting cellular respiration so that I may teach it this year with less complication. Also I need to rework a fermentation lab so my kids can have a laboratory to give them some hands on experience. So I am tired, but I think (and hope) I can go over what I need to show them AND not confuse them so much. It is so important to really show them how things work even when it might not be the most important thing to them right now. Well back to Cellular respiration!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


One more post for today. I am a 2nd year biology high school teacher who has not completed the BTSA program. I have a good coordinator, I just realized last year that I could not focus on both the first year of teaching AND do BTSA at the same time. So anyone that has advice, suggestions or ideas for both BTSA and Biology Lessons it would be greatly appreciated.

Links - So frustrating!

Well I tried to put some links on my page , and they won't post. I followed the instructions on the web page on how to post links, I previewed it (looked fine), I republished and BAM they were NOT there! I sent an email for help. Hope I get it.