Friday, January 23, 2009

First Reporter

All teachers, doctors, nurses, policemen and other county workers (I think) are supposed to be first reporters (It could also be called first responders, I'm not sure). Essentially if I suspect any type of child abuse at work, at home or if I'm out shopping, I must report it. For me not to report it leaves me liable and I could lose my job and even arrested.

So I had to report something the other day. I'm glad it wasn't something horrible-horrible-horrible, but it left me stressed. I was stressed because I had to make the call and was unsure of all the CORRECT paperwork and stuff I had to gather. At the time I had no one to ask advice because all the counselors were at a meeting and all the administrators were out. I was stressed because I was giving a test the next period and I had to have a teacher watch my class. And I was stressed because I don't like that bad things/situations happen.

I basically found an aspect of my job that I don't like. I don't like that bad things happen to kids (again nothing horrible-horrible-horrible), I don't like NOT KNOWING what to do, and I don't like looking like I am freaking out (I felt like I did).

So it was a sucky day.

I know I did the right thing, I felt sure in myself about that. It was better the next day because I did ask the counselors If I did the right thing and they said I did what I was supposed to do. That helped it be a little less sucky.

Sometimes the world sucks!!