Saturday, February 03, 2007


Well I actually FINALLY STARTED working on BTSA. I will complete task 17 by next weekend. Its easy to complete because I only need to work on 17.4, not 17.1, 17.2 or 17.3. Basically I create a lesson on equity and diversity and show how I apply my lesson to a class with that has a wide variety of learning styles and challenges. I still have 4 other tasks to complete. When I am completely done with BTSA I will have written a small book that is a reflection of trying - applying and learning from different learning styles. It is essentially a third year of education, but through the State of California verses in a graduate school program. While I understand the importance of it, I would of have preferred to do this in Graduate school, even if student teaching lasted an entire school year, than after my own school because of the large responsibility a teacher has to the students, parents and administration.

The new semester has started! Now we are working on evolution, ecology and physiology. I really want to find some interesting things in physiology this year. I have computers in my room so I will be looking for and adding some computer investigations on these topics. That way I can blah blah less. On the plus side the teacher next door has returned so now I only have to worry about my 5 classes that I teach, rather than 10 classes.