Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Break

Its Spring break for me. Its Thursday and I'm FINALLY done grading. What has busy me been up to? Here it goes:

Visit Family:
For Easter Weekend my husband and I decided to visit his Mom and some of his brothers & sisters in Vegas. We usually visit during the spring break because to visit Vegas in the summer is crazy! We had a real nice time visiting. The first night we ate out with his older brother and wife. It was good for us because we haven't seen them in a while, and it was good for them because they could vent about how stressful times have been about having Mom and other (younger) brother and sister (and her husband) move in. They were quite happy to get out of the house.

Easter was nice we had a very nice brunch at the house. His older brother made biscuits & gravy and a TON of bacon! I made a fritatta which everyone loved. Afterwards we took his Mom gambling to the Casino. She loves this slot machine thats called Irish Dublin. It makes Irish music and she dances to it. We gambled for about 90 minutes (don't worry its a penny slot machine) and then she got tired so we took her home.

We headed home on Monday morning and then I had to really start working. Even though its break time for me, its not. I cleaned house and washed clothes from the trip. Tuesday I started grading! YUCK! I did this thorugh Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday I also did the grocery shopping and ran some errands. It was really nice to go to the grocery store on a weekday and not have it be crowded! Thursday was doctor day. Visited the foot doctor and then made an appointment to visit my regular doctor for the biyearly TB test. Then I punched in all my grades into schoolloop. I love schoolloop. Its a way for kids to check their grads online. Hopefully they will check their school grades inbetween myspace and facebook!

Friday will be lesson planning. So nothing too exciting really on my break. I think I pretty much did what almost every teacher does on break, catch up with schoolwork, clean house, and plan out the next lessons! Hopefully on Monday I'll be totally ready!...


but then there is state testing around the corner....

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