Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jan 2007 Teaching/Work

Well its Tuesday, which means I am in my office going what I have to be done with for next week. I still have 1 week of Christmas break left, but I have a ton of papers to grade and enter into the grade book.

I started out well. I got up early, I exercised, and I ate a good breakfast. I cleaned off my desk and unpacked my schlep bag. A schlep bag is the bag teachers schlep from classroom to office which will ALWAYS have the grade book, and sometimes mail from school, field trip ideas, the lunch you have not eaten all week (My lunch was NOT in my bag) and unfortunately for me it has all my Christmas-Break grading. "Lucky me"! I also have some college recommendations to write up for different students. YEAH FOR THEM. I should have one for each of the seniors that I have taught, but I don't.

What are my New Years Goals for the 2007 School year (which ends in June)
1. Finish BTSA - If you know what this is and have to do it (or are in it) I sympathize with you. If you don't know what it is and are planning to become a teacher just so that you know its a whole 'nother year of paper writing and evidence collecting.

2. Try to plan an ecology field trip

3. blog more, not just when I have time.

Short term goals for just this week

1. Fill out recommendations
2. Add outstanding grades and late work.
3. Make a list of what was gone over in the Intro physics class for the teacher that was on Maternity leave.
4. Grade a ton of papers
5. Plan out the next two weeks for Finals.

Thats all for now. I must go back to #1 on my short term goals this week. Enough wastin time.

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