Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What I did on my summer vacation.

Well I thought it would be important for me to write what I did on my summer vacation before the first day of school. The most important thing I did, if you read my previous post was to finish my BTSA! Yahoo! (and I don't mean the web-site)

Summer was my maintenance time. I went to the dentist. I went to see my podiatrist for a "Toe Problem". This turned into a month long "sitting in bed with my foot up" ordeal. Then just for fun (thats sarcasm) I also sprained my wrist. I did it on July 3rd. I was in a brace for 4 weeks, which didn't help, so my doctor put my arm in a cast for 3 weeks! Yeah - Joyous fun! .

As for preparation for school, I really gave myself a break. The completion of my BTSA was all I worked on for school. I have a few lessons planned for the first three days and I will work on lessons, lesson labs and activities over the weekend.

So now that school officially starts tomorrow, I'm ready for it. We will introduce each other and start on the rules. I'm ready for school. RU?

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