Friday, August 01, 2008

Here I go again!

Well here I am trying to blog again. I do not have many current teaching experiences to write about because it is summer time. I have been teaching for 3 years and will start my fourth year of teaching this September. SO what have I done so far?

I took some time off with my family and friends.

I started some literacy classes. These are classes to show teachers techniques and strategies to improve a students reading and writing ability. These classes will meet over the next school year, about once a month. Every few classes is a different presenter. They are good classes because they show me ways to engage the student and help them become better readers, writers and thinkers. While these classes are geared for English teachers I know, even though I am a science teacher, I'm sort of an English teacher too in trying to improve their literacy skills when it comes to science. I was originally shocked that most students don't LOVE science when they come into the classroom. I think as little kids we are all little scientist, but I guess that gets lost along the way. I will admit there is ALOT of reading that is done in the classroom to cover the amount of material that is required by the state. These classes I am taking are showing me how to demonstrate techniques students can use to make sense out of the material they have to read.

I am also starting a class next week. It is for science teachers. Essentially I will meet other Biology teachers and collaborate on labs that we could implement in the classroom. Labs are an important part of a science class. In a science class the only interesting thing to all students are the labs that are done. Since each class only lasts 52 minutes, having labs that are easy to set up and take down, cost effective AND are COOL, is something I need to work on! Needless to say I am looking forward to these classes coming up.

I am also cleaning out my work space. I have way too many books and papers piled up on my desk at home, so I'm doing a little organization and clean up. That includes the computer too! I am almost done going through my fies on the computer. This is good because it reminds what I have done before, and what I can get rid of!

Last summer I didn't really prepare for the upcoming school year. There were moments when I wish I had redid some lessons or found something new. Teaching is a refining process and I don't want myself to become stale. I think everyone has had a teacher who has been using the same lesson/worksheet or test for YEARS. I don't want to reinvent the wheel every year,but, I don't want to be old and moldy either.

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